Sunday, December 01, 2019

Copyright infringement: a story showing how to make easy profit with very little efforts ( as long as you are not caught)

First, my original drawing:
Then, years and years later this happens: A video showing a brush apparently painting the exact reproduction of my graphite drawing.

Suddendly, the video deseappeared. Half an hour later a new one appears. Wow, I wish I was that fast to create such a detailed work !
Text can be translated like this: "After many sketches, the illustration of the mouse is finally ready!
Model, our Micky, unfortunately he hasn't been around for a few years, but you were so beautiful!"
Once again, a video showing a brush apparently putting the final touches to what looks like a photoshopped composite: paws and ears from my graphite drawing, and head taken from a photo of a mouse.

A quick Google inverse image search shows lots of results for the photo of this mouse, it seems a popular stock photo.

Almost immediately, a new photo, promoting cards which will be sold soon.

A story to be continued?...
UPDATE: She removed the photos and videos ( Great that saves me time from filling the official form to report copyright infringement on different social medias ) and she apologized. I accepted her apologies.