Friday, April 13, 2018

Update on Elisabeth Leroy Collection intellectual property theft.

Update on the copyright infringement by Elisabeth Leroy Collections. Few photos were removed by her, many were removed after I reported them and an illegal wallpaper was removed by a Japanese store ( with excuses!). This morning, I discover an answer to my review on her Houzz account: it could be translated like this: "I specify that these drawings were placed in order to harm by the graphic designer Lionel Waller, while waiting for my own drawings !!!! In no case they were intended for a print and for sale. It is also impossible to use these drawings of a very low definition. But obviously, Madame Dieul does not wish to accept this version!
I am accused of being a thief of my own drawings !!!"
Dernières infos sur le cas de vols de propriété intellectuelle d'Elisabeth Leroy Collections. Quelques photos ont été retirées par elle, mais beaucoup ont été retirées suite à mes reports pour vol de copyright. Un magasin Japonais qui vendait un de ces papiers peints illégaux l'a retiré de la vente ( avec excuses!) Ce matin, une réponse à mon avis sur son compte sur le site Houzz:

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