Monday, April 30, 2018

I'm working very hard. Each of my painting represents an insane amount of time, because I never took shortcuts, particularly this new trend of taking someone else image on Internet. I have my own ideas, I developp my own compositions. I raised with love and patience most of my little furry models, and foster many others. I put a piece of my soul in each of my paintings. That's probably what make them original and desirable, so desirable that many immoral persons just appropriate them, and make illegal profit from them. I watermark my images, my signature is big and very readable, but nothing stops these thieves. I forgive those who are not educated about copyright laws, I take time to educate them, but I'm firm to have them remove the illegal copies. I just dicovered that the other category of thieves, those who know very well the meaning of Intellectual Property are manipulative and dangerous people. They do not support that their victim stands for their rights, they attack viciously, they inverse the roles playing the victims. It's very new to me, I still need to learn how to deal with those nasty people, I made a mistake by naming one of them, it seems that a mentally disturb person bullied the person who stole my copyright. I'm verry sorry for that and condemn absolutely all form of bullying. This lead to an escalation and I was bullied by the people who decided I was responsible for the behaviour of the mentally disturb person. I have been called witch, rabid screaming bitch, and other words that I don't even know the meaning and decided not to search the translation. The level of hate from these people have been extreme and it affected me terribly. I'm just an artist who seek beauty and joy, why should I be punish for that, stolen, attacked and insulted?
I wish the world would look like my painting series "Pax Mundi" which means "World Peace"
I'll be away from Internet for a while, I can't stand the viciousness of these people. My foster babies need my attention anyway.
I'm very thankful for my wonderful network of artists and art lovers. Love you
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