Sunday, March 22, 2009

8 pages article in International Artist Magazine


Many artists asked me some information about my charcoal and sanguine technique.
You can now read my article about the different steps, from concept to finished drawing in the last issue of the International Artist Magazine (#66)

Beaucoup d'artistes m'ont posé des questions à propos de ma technique au fusain et à la sanguine. Vous pouvez maintenant lire mon article sur les différentes étapes, du concept au dessin fini dans le dernier numéro de l' International Artist Magazine (#66)


Tracey said...

Congratulations Marina! That is so exciting. I have been 'patiently' waiting for the article to appear and will have to track down a copy and check it out :)

adebanji said...

Just discovered your blog today your work is inspiring! I can't wait to read the article in the International Magazine.

You are an INSPIRATION!!!

Tracey said...

Finally found a copy of the magazine and loved your article. It is amazing to see your process and how you keep going to create such an amazingly rich painting.

I showed it to several artist friends & they were very inspired by your technique, simplicity of medium and by the expressivness of your subjects. Congratulations again, it is a great article and I am sure it will help and inspire many artists in the years to come :)

Marina Dieul said...

Thanks Tracey and Adebanji.
The great thing with the International Artist Magazine, is you can find it almost everywhere!

JT Harding said...

Hi Marina,
I read this article and now love your work. Can't wait to try out your techniques as I paint primarily in oil.

Marina Dieul said...

Hello JT,
glad you find this technique inspiring! Let me know how it works for you...

Anonymous said...

Hello Marina,

Your technique is so impressive that I tried it. Although far from your ability, the result was nice. (Now that I’ve found a red Conte crayon, the next one should be better.) I did have a problem with the paper holding the sanguine and was wondering what paper you use. I look forward to more of your art.


Marina Dieul said...

Hello Randy,
it's nice to hear that you tried this technique. The paper I use most of the time is Fabriano Artistico ( a watercolor paper). Other papers could work too,You have to try. It must be resistent enough for an intense use of the stomp, and have enough grain to hold charcoal and sanguine.
Good Luck, and have fun!