Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Instructional video?

SURVEY: If I was making an instructional video, what would you love to learn from me?
SONDAGE: Si je faisais une vidéo de démonstration, qu'est ce que vous aimeriez apprendre de moi? ( technique, sujet etc...)


jimserrettstudio said...

Certainly based on your work and experience, but it would really depend on the content and video quality. Price would be another key component. It is a pretty saturated market of painting videos out there. I am sure if you decide to do one it will live up to your standards and be well worth owning.
All the best, Jim

CC said...

If you do watercolor, I'd love to see you do a mouse in that medium! ♥

karen s stitt said...

I personally would LOVE for you to do one. I've long thought you should do one, but I (again personally) would want to watch your process on your beautiful charcoal and Conte work. I love your paintings, but your charcoal work steals the show for me. Cheers and hugs for a successful venture.