Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Petite souris 82" / "Little mouse 82"

"Petite souris 82"
Oil, 4" diameter (6" 1/4 with the frame)
Huile, 10cm ( 16cm avec le cadre)


Unknown said...

For all the whimsy you bring to these little jewels, Marina, this style, with the painting interacting with the frame, is simply stunning. Consider my "l'oeil" 'trompe'ed! :)

artisoo said...

how adorable!

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you!!!
David, I was very excited by this idea, although it was a long and technical process. Until it was finished , I wasn't sure how effective it would be. I was very pleased to discover the the fake holes look more real than the real ones!