Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paintings and drawings: Marina Dieul's book




Here it is finally!!! My book is now available, 120 pages of paintings and drawings...
Click on the link to have a preview.  You can buy it here

 Le voici finalement!!! Mon livre est maintenant disponible, 120 pages de dessins et peintures...Cliquez sur le lien pour avoir un aperçu. Vous pouvez l'acheter ici

 Disponible en Ebook aussi:
 Available as a Ebook too:


Tristan Alexander said...

Will your book be available as a real book or just an Ebook?

Marina Dieul said...

It's available as a real book ( hard cover or soft cover) here :

Ms. SnarKasm said...

How can I get your book? The link says it's not available. Thanks. Your work is just amazing!

Marina Dieul said...

Sorry, I will have to correct that link: I updated the book.
You can find it here: