Monday, November 28, 2011

"Poule" Diptych / Diptyque

"Poule I"

Oil, 8"x8"
Huile, 20cm x 20cm

"Pattes de poule"

Oil, 8"x8"
Huile, 20cm x 20cm


g!oW said...

I can not read in a foreign language. (only English)
Some blogs have an icon to click to select the language but I did not see one on your blog.
I am wondering if you sell some of those lovely items?

Marina Dieul said...

yes all my recent small animal paintings are for sale. The 4 " diameter round ones ( mice, birds) are 500$ framed. The 8" x 8" square (cats, rabbits, chicken) are 1000$ framed.
Please, send me an email at if interested.
Thank you,

James Whitehurst said...

awesome work as always.

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you so much James!