Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GRAND PRIZE WINNER "Inspiring Figures"

The portrait of my daughter "Aenor" won the Grand Prize in the "Inspiring figures" exhibition, hosted by the Portrait Society of America, Cecilia Beaux Forum and The Butler Institute of American Art.
In the current issue of International Artist Magazine ( #76, december 2010 / January 2011) you can find a 2 pages article about my painting process.

Le portrait de ma fille "Aenor" a remporté le Grand Prix dans l'exposition "Inspiring Figures" organisée par la "Portrait Society of America", le "Cecilia Beaux Forum" et le "Butler Institute of American Art"
Dans le dernier numéro de "International Artist Magazine" ( #76, decembre 2010 / Janvier 2011) vous pouvez trouver un article de 2 pages décrivant mon approche picturale.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

This is wonderful! Congratulations...well deserved honour!

Sophie said...

Fantastic. Congratulations. I’ll be looking forward to my copy of the magazine.

Marina Dieul said...

Karen and Sophie: Thanks a lot!!!

Judith Sinclair said...

I love your work. I'd love to be able to paint like you....but at age 72 I guess my style is set. Congratulations on your lovely ability and your awards.


Judith Sinclair
Portrait Society of Canada

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you so much Judith for your nice words!