Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Le Défi" in Toronto, January 7-19. Waddington Auction Rooms

My painting "Le Défi" is in the Kingston Prize exhibition wich opens today in Toronto at Waddington Auction Rooms, 111 Bathurst Street.
The exhibition will finish on January 19th.

This painting won 2 people's choice awards, was finalist in the Artist Magazine competition, and also was finalist in the Raymar Art competition. Here is what Bryce Cameron Liston who was the judge said about it:

Le Défi by Marina Dieul
30" x 24" Oil

Judge's Comments: Unlimited imagination. This is an absolutely brilliantly executed Tromp-l'oeil painting. The painting has so many levels; I don't even know where to start. I love the idea which completely took me by surprise. I'm sure there is more going on in this painting than meets the eye, it certainly makes me ask many questions, and continue to examine all of the wonderful intricacies found along the way. The artist has successfully executed all of the different textures. I love the way the artist incorporated her signature on the plastic, and backwards to boot!


Anonymous said...

great work Marina, you deserve that wonderful comment from the judge Bryce. That piece is amazing. Also I love the portrait of Sylvie Frechette below. The expression of inquisitive expectation is beautifully captured.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! it is a brilliant piece of art.

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you Sally and Rahina!
Happy New Year!

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

I was just blown away with this wonderful painting, so much so that I am actually lost for words. I just wish I could see the real thing.
A tour de force and very inspiring!!!!!!

Carolina said...

Je ne m'avais pas rendu compte d'où tu avais mis ta signature! ¡Felicitaciones otra vez!

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you Paul for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate your kind words.

Carolina, oui, c'est plus drôle comme ça!

Myrna Wacknov said...

Very imaginative concept and flawless execution. Congratulations on your awards.

Sadia said...

Very imaginative! Beautifully done!

Marina Dieul said...

Myrna and Sadia , thanks so much for your kind feedback!

Sadia said...

Marina,I give you the Sunshine Award for your beautiful and outstanding works!

Please visit my most recent post where the rules are listed.

Marina Dieul said...

Thanks a lot Sadia for this honor!