Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Marguerite" ( Painting a day)

4"x6", oil on linen.

10cm x 15cm, Huile sur lin.


James Whitehurst said...

Beautiful work. Daily painting looks like such a challenge to me. I am to slow. Keep it up. looks Great.

Marina Dieul said...

Hello James,
well it looks like that I always need around 3 hours ( + planing the composition, which sometimes is long, sometimes not) Even when I think it will be shorter, I finally need 3 hours. ( Except the seagull that required 6 or 7 hours maybe...)
Thanks for your support, I appreciate!

Carolina said...

Encore une autre fois, je suis surprise de savoir que tu ne travail qu'environg trois heurs en chaque peinture...! C'est ta maitrise! (Tu as une autre fan, tu vois?)

Marina Dieul said...

Merci Carolina, c'est gentil!