Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Galeria Artelibre

I have been invited to show my work in the " Grandes Autores Realistas " page in the online GALERIA ARTELIBRE .
If you dont know yet this great site, check it, there are some fabulous artists there!

La Galerie en ligne ARTELIBRE m'a invitée a présenter mes oeuvres dans la section " Grandes Autores Realistas" .
Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ce site, allez y faire un tour, il y a des artistes fabuleux à découvrir!


Candace X. Moore said...

Marina, A stunning collection of accomplished artists. Your work will fit right in. However, I can understand why they invited you, since your content is unique compared to other artists on the site. Looking forward to seeing it posted. Congratulations.

Tracey said...

congrats, looking forward to seeing it posted as well :)

Carolina said...

Congratulations Marina, c'est genial!

Marina Dieul said...

Candace, Tracey and Carolina: thank you so much !!!

Unknown said...

Hi again,

Congratulations on all your recent awards, and being invited to this site.

Thanks also for letting us know about it -- it's great to see different realist artists who are pushing the envelope with their concepts. (Wish I had time to do the same! When do you find the time to paint? I always feel I'm ignoring the kids if I'm in the studio too much!)

Marina Dieul said...

Hello Michele,
nice to hear from you!
Well... Organization, organization and... organization !

Anonymous said...

i visited your site n was good enough then othere site that i visited last month

work and study