Thursday, April 02, 2009

Art Renewal Center 2008/2009 ARC Salon: Top 100 Finalists

In addition " The Artist and her Work", Alexandre Gaudry-Lipensky", "L'Épine" and "Portrait of a young bull" were selected in the Top 100 Finalists.
All those works will be reproduced in the beautiful ARC Salon catalogue.

De plus "L'Artiste et son Oeuvre", Alexandre Gaudry-Lipensky", "L'Épine" et "Portrait de jeune taureau" ont été sélectionés parmi les 100 meilleurs finalistes.
Toutes ces oeuves seront reproduites dans le beau catalogue du Salon de l'ARC.


Anonymous said...
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hbedrosian said...

Well deserved - your work is exquisite.

Edward B. Gordon said...

well deserved indeed, I just had to come back to this fantastic work of yours !

Marina Dieul said...

Thank you Holly and Edward!